About us

The Foundation’s sole purpose is to fulfill the needs of patients who need comprehensive Wellness Management that is not provided by other local or national organizations, who focus predominantly on research. We focus on everyday mobility and movement, which are so critical to maintaining a quality of life.

The Foundation focuses on programming and services for individuals and families of those individuals who are suffering from Movement Disorders such as MS, Stroke, other neurological and movement disorders, as well as Parkinson’s.


Jodi Gray

Jodi Gray –  President of the Foundation, Jodi has many years experience of managing and growing physical therapy centers.​ Jodi has a degree in physical therapy and is certified in Allied Team Training through the Parkinson’s Foundation and the International Movement Disorder Society. She has been a facilitator for many support groups for those with Movement Disorders. Jodi has stated that “ People with mobility issues need a concentrated focus maintaining mobility. Larger organizations are focused on Research and Development which, although essential, the patient still requires managed care of their day-to-day wellness. That is why we see the need for the Foundation”

Ed Gray

Ed Gray –  Vice President, is a past-President of the Board of Directors of South Palm Beach County Parkinson’s Foundation and currently the Director of Therapy for Florida Movement Therapy Centers.  Ed is a renowned lecturer and expert on Movement Disorders. Ed holds degrees in Physical and Occupational Therapy.

Robin Miller

Robin Miller – Robin has over 25 years experience in both nonprofit fundraising and coordinating successful outreach programs. She is the former Executive Director of the South Palm Bach Chapter of the National Parkinson’s Foundation, she has held positions with the Plantation JCC, YMCA of Broward and South Palm Beach.

Roy Cohen

Roy Cohen is currently CEO of FLMTC Holdings, the parent company of Florida Movement Therapy Centers. A long tenured business executive in South Florida, he has been instrumental in the founding and growth of several successful businesses. Roy’s non-profit experience has been as Board Member of Bella’s Angels, a children’s non-profit, and as a Board Member of The South Palm Beach County Parkinson’s Foundation.

John Ahearn Jr.

John Ahearn Jr. is currently the Co-Chair of South Palm Beach SCORE, a non-profit National Organization dedicated to helping people start and/or improve small businesses. John has extensive experience in all aspects of business and a special focus on working with non-profit organizations. He is a former member of the Parkinson Foundation Advisory Board.


Conveniently located in Boynton Beach, Florida.